My core objective is to inspire you.  To give your soul a voracious appetite..  To motivate you to pack a bag and go explore this labyrinth of a world...

Photography wasn't always my bread and butter. I fancied myself more of a writer as a boy. I'd stay up late and scribble short stories about ghosts and goblins. I love cinema. Movies have always unhinged my reservoir of feeling in riveting ways. I admire the full artistic spectrum of photography.  Highly stylized imagery, black & white, fine art, landscape, portrait, action, vintage.  If I absolutely had to pick one style of passion it would be landscapes.

I draw inspiration from the likes of Ansel Adams, Serge Ramelli, Picasso, Vivian Maier and Mary Ellen Mark.

I shoot Nikon and probably always will...

I reside in the California Bay Area and am constantly hunting for new, exciting projects.


~ Joseph Miguel